Tuesday, June 26, 2012


We're about to have our 2cnd cheese class. This classes theme: France, it may seem an easy choice, but its a great place to start. Last months class was called "Whats your favorite?" This is a question i get asked at the cheese case almost daily, so i thought my first class would be an answer to that. I have too many favorites to name just one. First, I'd have to narrow it down to a category. Then, i can start to Start to zero in on some favorites. There are so many ways to categorize cheese, but we started by differentiating milks. We started with 2 goat milk cheeses, Humboldt Fog, and Drunken Goat. We noted colors, texture, rinds, and flavors Next we tasted two Sheep milk cheeses, Ossau Iraty and Lambchopper. Now we were really clear on those notes above and these new colors, textures,, rinds. The cow milk portion consisted of Epoisses, and Jasper Hill's Moses Sleeper. We decided to go full circle and end with Chaubier, a half goat milk and half cow milk cheese. Wow! By the time we got here the road map was clear, and we had travelled full circle.

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