Caring for your cheese at home

Here are a few tips for caring for your cheese at home

Wrapping Cheese: ofcourse the best option is cheese paper but most of us at home will use plastic wrap. Be sure to freshly wrap your cheese after each opening..Lightly scraping your cheese will take away any plastic taste you may encounter.

Flipping Cheese: cheeses need to be turned regularly so moisture doesnt gather in one spot, especially with soft or semisoft cheeses.

Just because you see mold on your cheese doesnt mean it has spoiled cut away the mold and your good to go. Spoiled cheese is pretty easy to spot. Things to look for are a reddish rind or a strong ammonia scent.

Cheese tools are a great asset so get a good set of knives,spreaders and cheese wires are essential. A good wood cutting board is a nice accessory as well we like bamboo.