Thursday, January 31, 2013

SuperBowl Eats

This Sunday or Testosterone Day as some might call it and i'm not just talking men, football brings the beast out in all of us! Let me just say i am saddened that my Giants didnt make it but im for the 49ers. My wife is for the Ravens, basically for the trash talking but thats another story. Ofcourse there will be Beer and Nachos! Being a cheese guy i just cant face the idea of processed cheddar on my nachos, so ive scoured the web and tested recipes, i'm not a cook and this recipe i loved is easy and delicious..Chirozo and Manchego Nachos. I also saw quite a bit with different cheeses such as Blue and Feta but honestly i don't see it. Another idea that inspires me is Gruyere and Cabot Clothbound. Enjoy!

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