Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lately in our cheese life!

Well tryin to catch my breath these days! Another Cheese 101 class has passed July brought with it super hot days and Viva La France. We featured french cheeses this month starting with the lovely decadence of Pierre Robert and Brie Nangis, also present was Valencay, our goat offering, a truly special ash rinded cheese thats moist and cakey, shaped as a pyramid with its top cut off thanks to Napeleon. We also showcased Ossau Iraty made from pastuerized sheep milk, supple and creamy when young to become more firm as it ages upon aging 90 days retains a delish nutty flavor. Also on the plate were Mimolette and Fourme d'Aambert, havta have a blue onboard and this one can be dated back to roman times. Creamy with a light fruity and mushrooms overtones. Lastly, Munster now when alot of us think of Munster we tend to think of the bland commercial version, nice but forgettable. True Munster is anything but, the smell is obnoxious but honestly for me a pungent cheese most times guarantees amazing flavor. Munster is savory and silky smooth not at all what you expect at first sniff. I was happy to gift one of our tasters with a surprise, an entire piece of Valencay. Congratulations Leah! Looking forward to Augusts class, see you there Elm City Market

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