Thursday, July 5, 2012

Learning Cheese: the resources

Conversation with a Cheesemonger

So maybe you have tried a few cheeses and want to learn more. Let me first tell you how i fell into cheese. I was a fine dining server working at a five star restaurant and alot of these restaurant operate on a points system, whereas you rise in the ranks gradually by doing well in every job and you start at the bottom. Cheese was a big deal there, they had a cheese board that held over thirty cheeses at all times, passing the test to serve cheese was a big pay jump and while studying i fell in love and found a way to be the Cheese Guru, being the only one serving cheese. I learned first by tasting and falling back on old skool studying tools like flash cards, i kid you not! Not only did i fall in love with the cheeses themselves but the history and stories themselves.

The most important way to learn is going out and tasting, which is usually available at most cheese counters. By the way, cheesemongers love to talk cheese so ask questions!!

Some other tools that are helpful are books and blogs. Books i like are Everything about Cheese, Murrays Cheese Handbook and ofcourse The Cheese Primer. Ofcourse we love our blog but a few others that are amazing are Cheese and Champagne, Cheese is Alive, and The Cheese Underground. But the internet is chock full of sites.

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